Max  Dresow

P   H   I   L   O   S   O   P   H   Y       O   F       S   C   I  E   N   C   E


I am a philosopher of science interested in historical and conceptual issues at the intersection of the earth and life sciences.  Currently, I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at Macalester College, and a fellow at the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science. I also manage Extinct, the philosophy of paleontology blog, and write for the SPSP newsletter.

Pictured:  philosophers putting in some rare fieldwork at the Mount Stephen trilobite beds in British Columbia. (With Janella Baxter, Sam Houston State University)

The De-Extinct blog

I'm excited to announce that Extinct, the philosophy of paleontology blog, is relaunching in 2023. I will be managing the site and doing plenty of writing, including a monthly column that I'm calling "Problematica." Please check it out and, if you're willing, spread the word!

Work featured in CLA 150 graduate student showcase

My research was recently featured in a graduate student research showcase at the College of Liberal Arts' (CLA) 150th Anniversary Closing Celebration, on June 8. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat!

Philosophy of science and scientific practice

Some of my work was recently highlighted on our department's website (along with my unusual academic background). Thanks to Alex Jensen for the nice write-up.